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Image Image  Pallet trucks
These electric pallet trucks lift pallets by a few centimetres and move them horizontally.  They are ideal for working in narrow spaces thanks to their compact dimensions and reduced turning radius.
They are used above all in the food sector (e.g. fruit markets, supermarkets, etc.) and the transport sector (inside trailers, containers, railway cars, ships, aeroplanes, etc.).

Image Image  Double stackers
These double stackers are different from others because they can be used as manual pallet trucks and also as lifters that move two pallets contemporaneously, positioning one above the other with no contact.
Particularly suitable for fragile or delicate products such as glass, pottery, cheese, dairy products, etc.

Image Image  Stackers
Electronic pallet stackers are trolleys that move, lift and stock pallets on shelves, and help trim space.
Our models offer high visibility and easy access to the fork area. Our stackers are easy to manoeuvre (thanks to the minimum steering radius and the rounded shape). Safety is guaranteed by a steel anti-shearing system that is fully closed to protect the lower limbs.

Image Image  Straddle stackers
Our straddle stackers are ideal for moving pallets that are closed on four sides, metal containers and special palletised cases, because there are no support arms under the forks.  Differently from other helm stackers, the forks are FEM type.
This type of stacker can also be used to extract products from belts or conveyors at the end of a packing line.

Image Image  Counterbalanced
The pedestrian counterbalanced stackers are a more economic alternative to standard forklift trucks because they are more compact and require less manoeuvring space.  They are equipped with adjustable width FEM forks that are suitable for all types of pallet. 

Image Image  Order Pickers
Thanks to their fixed or liftable platforms, these order picking trucks are the ideal solution for heavy jobs and for transporting over long runs when picking (collecting from and manual deposit on shelves).
The operator of this easy to use truck stands on board when driving, and can move freely.  High visibility.

Image Image  Tractors
These tractors are ideal for towing all types of equipment or machines, for example spools of paper, rolls of material, etc.
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