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Frontal Forklifts

The electric frontal forklifts pack two powerful motors in a light and compact metal body. They are ideal for exiguous spaces and special applications.
They combine the advantages of a real frontal fork lift truck with the lightness and manageability of an indoor machine. Perfect for warehouses with mezzanine floors, thanks to their low weight and small turning radius.
The exclusive tilting system allows for higher residual capacities than other products on the market.

Additional Info

  • Load Capacity: from 800 kg up to 1.000 kg
  • Maximum lifting: from 2.195 mm up to 6.170 mm
  • Mast: duplex / triplex GAL
  • Minimum size: starting from 2.040 mm
  • Forks’ width: 1.150 mm
  • Standard battery: from 460 Ah up to 500 Ah

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