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Image Image  Explosion-proof
These explosion-proof stackers are ideal for industries that contain explosive substances and/or material: cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, paint, solvents, military explosives, gas cylinders, petrochemical, etc.

Image Image  Roll trolley
Electronic truck for transporting and lifting spools of different diameters and weights. Made according to spool dimensions.

Image Image  Hydraulic equipment
Different pieces of equipment can be fitted to the trucks, according to what has to be done, for example the rotating clamp to lift and rotate drums or coils, the positioner that electronically make the two forks move closer together and further apart, and many others.

Image Image  High capacities
Pallet trucks and stackers that can lift very heavy products, equipment and machines.

Image Image  Platform
Trucks and stackers with made-to-measure platforms that cover or replace the forks for transporting various equipment.

Image Image  Made to measure forks
These trucks are produced with different sizes forks that are created following the needs of the client and the goods to be moved.
The fork length, width and thickness can be varied, or removable extensions or particular hooks can be used.

Image Image  Other executions
Special executions for various applications and work.
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