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Trilateral Trucks for small aisles

Extremely flexible to operate in small spaces but always complying with the strictest safety standards. The large driving position is designed to allow maximum freedom of movement and to ensure optimal maneuvering.
The trilateral trolley allows the transport of whole loads or the withdraw of single pieces from the shelves.
The excellent trolley’s ergonomics guarantees an all-round comfort and optimal working conditions for operators of any height.

Additional Info

  • Load Capacity: from 1.000 kg up to 2.000 kg
  • Maximum lifting: from 7.420 mm up to 15.000 mm
  • Mast: triplex GAL
  • Minimum size: starting from 3.600 mm
  • Forks’ width: 1150 mm
  • Standard battery: from 620 Ah up to 775 Ah

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