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Electric Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks are designed to move pallets horizontally by lifting them by a few centimeters and are particularly suitable in tight spaces thanks to their compact size and minimum turning steering.
They are mainly used in the food sector (e.g. fruit and vegetable shops, supermarkets, etc.) and transport sector (e.g. inside vehicles, containers, railway wagons, ships, airplanes, etc.).
Designed and built to ensure strength, power and handling.
A wide range of pallet trucks is available for every need.
The structure is made with a folded frame in order to minimize the stresses induced by the welds, ensuring greater mechanical resistance over time.

The battery compartment, accessible simply by lifting the hood, simplifies the periodic charging and checking operations. Each helm control is easily accessible to ensure productivity and precision guaranteeing great efficiency.
Equipped with reliable and powerful three-phase AC traction motors, anti-roll back and down devices. Traction and electric braking parameters are electronically adjustable via a programming console. There are three braking systems throughout the range: reverse braking and release of the travel direction adjustment throttle (service braking adjustable from the console), emergency stop that occurs automatically when the rudder is released or lowered via electromagnetic brake and parking brake.

Additional Info

  • Load Capacity: from 1.300 kg up to 3.000 kg
  • Maximum lifting: 120 mm
  • Forks’ width: 1150 mm
  • Standard battery: from 85 Ah up to 500 Ah

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