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Electric Stackers

Electric stackers are used to move, lift and store the pallets in the appropriate racks, rationalizing the spaces.
They offer the operator wide visibility, easy access to the forks level, extreme ease of maneuver thanks to the minimum turning radius and rounded shape.
Made with a folded frame to minimize the stresses induced by the welds, it ensures maximum stability and the best mechanical resistance in all traction and storage situations.
The battery compartment, readily accessible, allows with easiness the periodic operations of recharging and battery checking. The uprights are made with cold drawn profiles to ensure rigidity to torsion and bending.
Available with simplex, duplex and triplex lift with and without free lift, with lifts from 1.560 to 5.360 mm (and more) on request. The powerful but silent 2/3 kW lifting motors are highly inductive with top-notch performances and limited electric consumption. The pumps are strong and efficient but hardly audible. They are equipped with energy-recovered electronic devices obtained by releasing and / or reversing the direction of travel.

Additional Info

  • Load Capacity: from 1.000 kg up to 2.000 kg
  • Maximum lifting: from 1.560 mm up to 5.360 mm
  • Mast: simplex / duplex / triplex GAL
  • Minimum size: starting from 1.860 mm
  • Forks’ width: 1150 mm
  • Standard battery: from 100 Ah up to 500 Ah

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